While the church building is closed, we will hold online services each Sunday at 10 am. Click here to access the live-streamed service on Sunday morning. Audio recordings of past services are available in our service archive; videos of many of our services are available on our Facebook page here. Please allow 7-10 days for the recordings to be posted.

Please complete this short form to let us know you are here and to connect with our online ministry and programs. At the conclusion of the service, visitors are welcomed to join a breakout room or stay in the “main room” (by not accepting the breakout room invitation but staying signed on). There, a staff member and lay person will be available to answer any questions about UUCWC and Unitarian Universalism. It is a brave thing to enter and explore a community for the first time. Let us help make it easier!

Participants may sign on as early as 9:50am. This is a time to gather, “find your seat,” settle in with music, read upcoming announcements, and view images and videos of our church building and grounds.

Spoken worship (Candles of Fellowship) will begin at 10am. Though you may hear these words each week, we hope you will hear and consider these commitments in new ways each week.

As a reminder, our “Fellowship Hour” is offered through breakout rooms after each service. A reflection question, based on the service theme, is offered as a starting point for conversation. In this virtual time, creating community is ever more important.

Online Service Etiquette
Waiting Room: When signing into the worship this Sunday all congregants will be put into a “waiting room”. A message will appear on your screen saying as such. At the start of the service all will be welcomed into the gathering. You do not need to do anything to move out of the waiting room. Imagine looking for your seat, dropping a pebble into the pebble bowl, taking a deep breath before the chimes are rung.

Muting: Rather than asking folks to mute themselves, everyone will be muted upon entry. You will not be able to unmute yourself until the host unmutes everyone before coffee hour breakout rooms. We ask that you double check your screen to make sure this function worked. On the bottom of your screen, you will want to see a red microphone with a line striking through it.

Chat: We want to remind everyone that every time the chat is used, a notification pops up for everyone. While some welcome those online “whispers,” others find it quite distracting. There will be times throughout the service in which you will be invited to participate or check in with one another through the chat function. There will be other times in which the chat function is disabled.

Instructions for Participants Before a Video/Audio Service
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Passing the Plate Virtually
You may make a donation through Paypal (you do not need to have a Paypal account). Please note that it is a “plate donation.” Or you may send a check to us at: UUCWC, 268 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road, Titusville NJ 08560.