Speaker: Rev. Susan Goodwin

The Promised Land

UUCWC will be holding one virtual service at 10am, live streamed via Zoom. Please check here for details.

The Promised Land is more than a destination. The land beyond…the land that will provide freedom and dignity and opportunity. So many seek such … read more.

Novelty is Not Wisdom

Our modern devotion to novelty often prompts us to turn to that which is new, bright and shiny with great enthusiasm. Ideas, objects – even people – that are “outdated” can be overlooked. What are the costs of chasing novelty? Culturally? Religiously? Environmentally? Socially? Is … read more.

The Ways of Wisdom

Wisdom is distinctly different from intelligence. Wisdom is cultivated. Particular teachers, experiences, relationships, practices, readings, meditation and prayer contribute to enabling us to grow in wisdom. Spiritual settings are wonderful places for wisdom to flourish. It is said that wisdom’s ways are not always … read more.

What Doesn’t Kill You Still Hurts

Resilience and self-compassion are inextricably connected. When we care for ourselves, we can care more effectively for others and rebound from life’s crises. Faith in something larger than ourselves and a community in which to share that faith, builds up our reservoir of well-being and … read more.

A Life That Changed Lives

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be the focus of our worship service. Dr. King’s commitment to racial justice, and his fearless willingness to speak truth to power, transformed lives. We honor his legacy and discuss ways to “keep hope alive.” We may not … read more.