Rev. Susan Goodwin

Coming In From the Cold

Rev. Sue Goodwin

Individualism takes us only so far. In Zulu, there is a word “Ubuntu”. It is  translated as: I am because we are. Philosophically it implies a belief in a universal bond that connects all humanity. Our UU faith tradition reminds … read more.

Claiming Sanctuary

As this month’s theme, Sanctuary, unfolds, consider what the word means to you. A safe space? Arms wide open? Something akin to a sacred area for devotion? Please ponder the notion of Sanctuary and we’ll talk….on October 7th.


No audio available; cd of the service may … read more.

The Road Less Traveled

As September unfolds, and our theme “Vision” comes into focus, please join us for a worship experience which invites us to consider how we might live into the fullness of “the good life.”

September Theme: Vision
Knowing when to stay true to your vision and when … read more.

Beginning at the Beginning

Our study of Genesis has led us to rethink how we read the Hebrew Bible. It’s created a desire to ponder ethics and dysfunction in family life. It seems “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

Keepers of the Flame

Candles. Torches. Open arms. Openly armed. We live in an unrecognizable time. And yet; we are a people of the “nevertheless “. We are Keepers of the Flame.

Rev. Susan B. Goodwin is a graduate of Drew Theological School (M. Div.) and was ordained in the … read more.