Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Question Box

The Question Box service is back! Rev. Kim takes the 20 minutes for her sermon and answers questions from the congregation (written on note cards during or before the service). She will answer as many and as thoughtfully as possible within the time! Questions not answered will be considered for sermon fodder for the months … Continued

Flower Communion

Each year we take the time to celebrate the seasons that have past through our Water Communion; a ritual shared by Unitarian Universalists throughout the world and originated in 1923 by Unitarian Norbert Capek. Come, celebrate, honor, and don’t forget to bring a flower of your own to build the beauty of the day! Crossings … Continued

From Blessings to Bridges

In this month of Joy come and celebrate our children and youth as we dedicate some of our youngest (and their parents) into the life of this village and faith, and share good wishes for what’s next for our high school graduates. The UUCWC Annual Meeting follows directly after the service. No audio or podcast … Continued

A Cloud of Witnesses

This Memorial Day, gather with Rev. Kim and the Crossing Chorale to lift up the cloud of witnesses who are with us and who we honor this season.   Listen Here:

When the Flesh Became Failure

The Body and Flesh were not always separate from the Spiritual, but once an intricate part of the way we ritualized and worshiped. In this month of embodiment, let us consider the spaces we live in, the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit, and love each and all.

A Service for Embodiment

“Deep Breaths are like little love notes to your body.” Anon  We’ve been having hard conversations; gearing up for the end of one church year and the start of another; working toward making the Auction successful and many many other things.  Come this Sunday as an offering of love to your body.  Together, we will breathe. … Continued

The Offensiveness of Pain

Over 600 UU congregations country-wide have chosen either April 30th or May 7th to hold a White Supremacy Teach In.  UUCWC will do the same this week in an effort to learn about these words, their use, and the way they specifically speak to the experiences of many within our families, congregation, and country.   … Continued

The Darkness of the Womb

This Easter Sunday, let us recall the ancient story of Jesus’ death and resurrection by recalling not only the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb.   Listen here:

Spirituality of Humility

Kicking off the new theme of Transformation, let’s begin with last year’s Auction winning sermon on Humility and how this can transform our relationship to one another, one’s self, and the world.  Please note that there will be one service at 10:00am.   Listen here:

To Risk Ourselves

David Whyte says, “We are here essentially to risk ourselves in the world.” As Unitarian Universalists there are specific ways in which we are called to risk ourselves and specifically in the world.  Gather once more on the theme of Risk and in preparation for next Sunday’s Congregational Meeting.   Listen here: