Speaker: Lisa Schilansky

Confounding Possibilities

As Unitarian Universalists we respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Yet sometimes it can be so challenging to understand how someone can hold a position opposite of our own. How can our neighbors, friends, family, possibly think that? Join ministerial intern Lisa Schilansky as … read more.

The Hardest Thank You

What does it mean to be wholly, undeniably, generous to ourselves when the world is telling us not to be? How can caring for ourselves be the most radical act of all? Join ministerial intern Lisa Schilansky as she explores these questions and others as … read more.

Messy, Marvelous Multiplicities

Who are we? How are we shaped in our lives today and from our past? This Sunday our intern minister, Lisa Schilansky, invites us to consider the many pieces of ourselves that we bring with us each time we gather.

This service will also feature special … read more.