The Faith Expression and Funding Team is part of the Council for Faith in Action, and focuses on two key areas to support UUCWC’s eight principles and community justice work:


  • Oversee allocation of the 50% of the plate designated for social justice;
  • Develop annual giving plan;
  • Develop/update policies and procedures for all aspects of funding distribution;
  • Identify and vet new funding opportunities that are in line with UUCWC’s mission and our UU principles.

Public Expression – Internal

  • Report on the distribution of the plate funds;
  • Coordinate communications (newsletter articles, website content, etc.) to share information on UUCWC’s justice ministries and facilitate congregants’ involvement with these ministries.

Public Expression – External

  • Facilitate and coordinate opportunities for public statements, providing basic information to appropriate people to respond. For example, encouraging and /or endorsing activities or organizations, or statements by minister/board president, as public expression of our faith values.

We are developing policies/procedures to ensure that the way in which we fund social justice work and communicate regarding those efforts reflects our Principles and UUCWC’s mission.

Council for Faith in Action – Funding Policy
How to Obtain Funding for Donations, Social Justice Projects – PDF | Word
Funding approval procedure – PDF | Word
CFA Funding Request Form – Website form | PDF | Word

Reimbursement Guidelines – PDF | Word
Payment / reimbursement request from CFA funds – Website form | PDF | Word

We welcome your thoughts and questions, and would like to hear from you regarding these important functions, and also encourage your participation in our efforts. Please contact us at