The UUCWC building is closed to all except staff and Sunday worship providers. We have shifted to virtual meetings; contact the office if you wish to schedule a committee or ministry meeting. The building may be closed, but church continues!

Please check back often for updates on events that are being re-imagined.

UUCWC is live-streaming Sunday services, one service at 10am.

Virtual Church Offerings through the week PDF

Guidelines Put in Place to Re-Open UUCWC’s Grounds
In response to a number of requests, the UUCWC Board of Trustees asked our Task Force on Reopening to recommend how we might safely permit groups of members and friends to meet on church grounds. This would not include meetings in the church building, as we are not yet ready to consider that possibility. Read more…

The UU Church of the Larger Fellowship has created a global community calendar for online events that are open to UUs everywhere.