Author: Christine Piatek

Composting at UUCWC

by The Earth Ministry Team

Next to the fence surrounding Allie’s Garden, we have a large compost bin that provides wonderfully nutrient rich, dark, decomposed organic matter that, when added to the soil, makes it better. The dark, humus-like end product starts with vegetable and fruit … read more.

The Food Ministry Team is Back in the Kitchen!

by Christine Piatek, Food Ministry Team

Since the start of the pandemic, UUCWC’s Food Ministry (FM) has been periodically providing ready-assembled meals to Luther Arms Apartments, an affordable housing complex for seniors in downtown Trenton. On October 7th, a number of our members met with Rebecca … read more.

HomeFront Halloween 2022 Donation Appeal

HomeFront has had a long-standing history of support from UUCWC. Since the start of the COVID pandemic and the increased cost of living over the last two years, the HomeFront client base has dramatically increased. Providing food items for these families continues to be a … read more.

Halloween Food Drive Spins The Holiday A New Way

In early October, the Food Ministry put out another call for donations to enable it to provide meal bags and other supplies to HomeFront. Once again, the congregation responded with overwhelming generosity.

The HomeFront Halloween Donation Drive brought in nearly 500 items, all of which were delivered … read more.

Ramping Up Our Commitment to Recycling

Recycling is an important aspect of mindful living and respect for our environment. The practice has become ubiquitous since the early 1970s, picking up steam with the environmental movement that lead to designating April 22 as Earth Day in 1970. At that time and through … read more.