Composting at UUCWC

by The Earth Ministry Team

Next to the fence surrounding Allie’s Garden, we have a large compost bin that provides wonderfully nutrient rich, dark, decomposed organic matter that, when added to the soil, makes it better. The dark, humus-like end product starts with vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, yard waste (grass and plant clippings, dry leaves, wood chips, straw) and other organic matter. This year’s material and the natural process of decay will provide compost for next year’s garden. The soil is enriched, helping it to retain moisture and ward off plant diseases and pests. Compost also reduces/eliminates the need for fertilizers and improves moisture retention.

We welcome all congregants to contribute to our compost but note that Earth and Climate Ministry members have noticed items in the compost bin that should not be there. We have seen plastic Ziploc bags, plastic silverware and coffee (Keurig) capsules in the pile. While some of these items may be compostable at commercial facilities generating high heat if labeled as recyclable (plastic would never be acceptable), none of these items are appropriate for a “backyard” compost pile. We ask that those bringing compost to the bin bring only vegetative waste (such as vegetable and fruit peels). Animal or dairy products, oil or grease are not permitted in the compost bin. Egg shells that are washed and dried are permissible. Coffee capsules can be recycled as noted below.

There are four recycling bins in the lobby outside the office area to accept your coffee capsules (no loose coffee grounds), candy/snack wrappers, oral care, and two new bins for dinner/party items and miscellaneous waste. A complete list of acceptable/non-acceptable items for the bins is available here.

We thank you for your care for and tending to our grounds.