Author: Nathalie Edmond

Honoring My Time On the Board


I am ending my term on the Board of Trustees. I spent one year as a trustee, one year as vice president, and two years as president. Thank you for an amazing and supportive four years. I often associate four years with high school, … read more.

May 21, 2020 – Update

I hope this message finds you well. The Board would like to update the congregation about Rev. Kim’s bereavement leave. We continue to grieve with Rev. Kim and follow her lead. The UUA guidelines suggest a baseline of two weeks leave. We do … read more.

Board Plans for the Annual Meeting

by Nathalie Edmond, President, Board of Trustees

The Board continues to meet regularly to assess the church’s financial future and plan for our annual meeting. The Board has voted to have the annual meeting virtually June 7th. The bylaws that were voted on in … read more.

Annual Service Awards for 2021

Nominations are due April 15, 2021.

Spring is in the air and the Board invites you to think about some individuals in the congregation you would like to honor at the annual meeting. Take a moment to nominate someone who exemplifies service and/or has significantly contributed … read more.

Why I Am Inspired to Lead

Recently in a board meeting we were discussing why people choose to serve in various leadership roles at UUCWC. I thought I would share their remarks as some of you consider stepping in and out of leadership roles.

Be part of good things happening.Care … read more.