UUCWC Board of Trustees 2020 – 2021 Goals

As we settle into this 2020 – 2021 congregational year, your Board of Trustees and staff honors just how challenging this time is for each of us. We share the approved Board goals for this fiscal year based on the seven Board Practices that were used last year.

1. Discerning the Congregation’s Mission and Vision
Through our Board goals, and a Simple Church philosophy, we hope you receive our encouragement to do less and connect more; we hope you will feel supported by your UUCWC community. The Board will center goals that balance the work of the congregation, its mission and the health of its members. Leadership recognizes the needs to be flexible this year and make adjustments as needed.

2. Holding the Fiduciary (Resource) Responsibility
Be aware of the way we develop and utilize ALL resources (people, time, money, space) as we support and collaboratively move forward the:

  • Capital project and campaign
  • Redistribution of treasurer responsibilities in a sustainable way
  • Review staffing needs (with Personnel and Finance)
  • Support Leadership Development task force

3. Capturing Institutional Wisdom by Generating Policy
Continue to update policies and procedures to reflect our new bylaws and current practices. This will be achieved with input from every committee and ministry.

4. Assessing the Health of the Congregation
Continue to invite feedback from the congregation and staff to examine programming, staffing and building needs for maintaining a healthy congregation.

  • Methods: open board meetings, focused board chats, council meetings, board liaisons, scheduled committee conversations at board meetings
  • Board liaisons will be in regular communication with their respective committees/ministries and attend meetings regularly
  • Ongoing reopening task force to assess and create guidelines for use of church grounds and building

5. Planning for the Congregation’s Future
Investigate what else needs to be done to achieve our mission and realize our vision, including but not restricted to:

  • Support pilot of simple church philosophy related to celebrate (worship), connect (join a small group), and serve

6. Building and Maintaining Relationships
Continued transparency around board actions and decisions. Adapt communication and connection opportunities to fit a virtual world.

  • Strengthen our Board liaisons to committees
  • Share agenda, staff and written liaison reports with online meeting minutes
  • Encourage coordination and scheduling of financial requests to congregation
  • Hold focused Board chats and listening circles

7. Transforming the Congregational Culture
Center the 8th principle to implement fully inclusive practices for all current and potential congregants by focusing on HOW we do things together:

  • Shared spiritual leadership
  • Informed, collaborative decision-making based on inviting everyone into a transparent process
  • Have listening circles related to when to involve police when there is disruptive behavior