May 21, 2020 – Update

I hope this message finds you well. The Board would like to update the congregation about Rev. Kim’s bereavement leave. We continue to grieve with Rev. Kim and follow her lead. The UUA guidelines suggest a baseline of two weeks leave. We do not have an exact date for Rev. Kim’s return and the Board is in full support of Rev. Kim taking as much time as she needs to transition back to work. She and Tara are still waiting to bury their son. I know that the waiting and uncertainty can be difficult for many and we want to reassure you that there is a plan in place to lead the congregation through this difficult time.

Rev. Kim had created a plan in case she ever had an unexpected absence in the congregation. In the past week the Board has worked with Robin Pugh and Susan Irgang to implement this plan. Robin Pugh has worked to schedule local ministers who volunteered to lead services on Sundays. This is scheduled through the end of June. It is easier to schedule coverage and then adjust if Rev Kim returns to the pulpit sooner. Worship associates are working out the service details with our guest ministers. The pastoral care team has been connected with local ministers to provide additional pastoral care as needed. Different members of the board are available to support different committees and ministries and will be reaching out. The Board continues to get consultation from the UUA trauma response team.

The Board voted last week to continue with only virtual Sunday services through the end of January 2021. Shortly after the Board voted the UUA made a suggestion to continue with virtual services through May 2021. We will revisit the safety of reopening the church on a quarterly basis.

We are working out logistics for our virtual annual meeting on June 7 with more details coming out next week. Rev. Kim mentioned wanting to join us for the annual meeting. As grief is a unique experience for everyone with no particular timeline we leave it up to Rev. Kim to decide what role she would like to play in our community in the weeks ahead. We lift up her, Tara and Tobias and all those who love them and grieve with them.

Please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns. You can email me personally or

Nathalie Edmond, President
UUCWC Board of Trustees