Author: Maria Baratta

Reflections and Questions For the Year Ahead

By Maria Baratta, Trustee, UUCWC Board of Trustees

During the Board’s July meeting, new members were asked to share any questions or apprehensions they might have about joining the Board. Retiring and returning Board members were asked to share a piece of advice. In the course … read more.

State of the Church Address: 2/26/23

Address Delivered by Maria Baratta on Stewardship Sunday, 2/26/23

State of the Church – UUCWC in 2022-2023

We wanted to have today’s meeting because it’s one thing to ask you to contribute to the congregation’s health and future; it’s another to make sure you continue to feel … read more.

What Does Leadership Look Like To You?

By Maria Baratta, President, UUCWC Board of Trustees

What does leadership look like to you? Maybe you envision something formal like a group photo of members of the G7 summit looking stern and ready to tackle the world’s economic problems. Or, you think of a tour … read more.

Call for Annual Service Awards 2022

Nominations are due on or before May 2, 2021.

Spring is in the air and the Board invites you to think about some individuals in the congregation you would like to honor at the annual meeting. Take a moment to nominate someone who exemplifies service and/or … read more.