Call for Annual Service Awards 2022

Nominations are due on or before May 2, 2021.

Spring is in the air and the Board invites you to think about some individuals in the congregation you would like to honor at the annual meeting. Take a moment to nominate someone who exemplifies service and/or has significantly contributed to our community.

The UUCWC Distinguished Service Award recognizes exemplary effort by a member leading to significant contribution to UUCWC’s mission. The Flaming Chalice Award recognizes an individual who has been a member for at least seven years and both epitomizes the values and principles of Unitarian Universalism and has provided sustained contributions to the accomplishment of our mission.

Everything you might need to review before you submit your nomination is available on our wonderful UUCWC website under the “Governance” section in the aptly named “Service Awards” subtitle. You can also submit nominations in person next time you are at church by downloading and completing this form (place in Board inbox at church) or submitting your nomination online.

All nominations are due by May 2, 2021, in order to provide the committee with enough time to review all nominees. Not sure if your candidate has received an award already? Here are the past winners of the Flaming Chalice and Distinguished Service Awards!