Topic: Courage

All Souls: Courage to Grieve (When You Have To)

Rev. Kim offers this service on the monthly theme of Courage. Guest musician Lorenzo Raval (viola) joins Erin Busch (piano) for today’s music.

Praised for his “beautiful tone” and “exceptional quality of nobility in his playing,” Filipino violinist and violist Lorenzo Raval is acclaimed … read more.

Living Faithfully

Rev. Kim offers this sermon to one of our lucky Auction winners.

Special music provided by: Sara and Juan del Castillo, Christa Olson

This Is Loving and Being Loved

Jen Rehbein and Anne Godlasky offer a service on our monthly theme of Courage and Coming Out. Our guest musicians will be Keelan & Stella Evanini on piano and violin. Erin Busch will accompany them on cello.

95 Theses

This month marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, kicked off by Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses. In honor of this occasion, come hear some of what UU ministers today think our own would be today; statements that speak to where we are and … read more.