Sue Flynn

Creating Intentional Space

It’s Spring, the season of getting ready, renewal, and rejuvenation. There is excitement in anticipation for what is to come. How do we make room for the things we want to cultivate or nourish in our lives.   Listen here:

Embracing the Living Tradition

Ministerial Intern Sue Flynn reflects on UU theology, the Seven Principles, and what it means to be a part of a Living Tradition.   Listen here:

Hanging of the Greens

Join once again in our annual Hanging of the Greens multigenerational celebration! In honor of the pagan appreciation and rituals of the evergreen, together we will sing, decorate, and come together to deck our sanctuary halls.   There is no podcast from this participatory service.   December Theme: Hope Hope doesn’t just whisper “It will … Continued

How Do We See, Share, and Appreciate Abundance?

Join us to hear Sue Flynn, our Ministerial Intern, explore how we can recognize the gifts and distractions of the abundance in our midst, in her first sermon of the season.   Listen here:

Courage in the Closet

October 11th celebrates the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and the courage of coming out through National Coming Out Day. On this Sunday we join in this celebration, and honor the courageous lives within the closets, too. Listen here: