The Road Less Traveled

As September unfolds, and our theme “Vision” comes into focus, please join us for a worship experience which invites us to consider how we might live into the fullness of “the good life.”

September Theme: Vision
Knowing when to stay true to your vision and when to let go is a very tricky task. Figuring out when to keep your vision front and center and when to de-center it and make room for others intimidates the best of us. Yet, here’s the thing… Besides being dangerous, holding tightly to one single vision is also just no fun! We don’t just have to see things from others’ points of view; we get to see things from others’ points of view! Learning about the visions of others isn’t just a way of making up for your flawed perspective. It’s also an invitation to see the world anew! And while having to let go of precious visions and dreams is painful, it’s also exhilarating to evolve and grow.


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