Home for the Holidays?

Our service on December 1 will afford us an opportunity to reflect on coming home. Where do you feel most at home? How do we extend that feeling of home to others in word and deed? AND ALSO, we will be hearing from Connie Mercer, the Executive Director of HomeFront, as she thanks our volunteers for their service. If you are a HomeFront volunteer, please don’t miss our service. Music by Lee Schofer, piano.

December Theme: Awe
Awe reduces our size in order to make room for something more than our personal needs, wants and worries. With our narcissism shrunk down to a reasonable proportion, it becomes possible to notice that we are not the only ones up there on the stage. It’s in this way that looking up into the cosmos allows us to look across at each other. And it’s a huge gift, because while being center stage and center of the universe can feel powerful, it’s also a very lonely place to stand.

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