UUCWC participates in a congregational fundraising program called RaiseRight. It is a simple initiative where congregants purchase gift cards from an extensive list of popular retailers (i.e. food, clothing, Amazon, dining); you get the full value of the gift card and the church receives a variable percentage of the card’s cost.  It doesn’t cost the church or participants a dime and contributes to our ongoing fundraising effort. In 2023 alone, the church raised almost $1000 through this program.

Card purchases can be made by several means:

  • An individual can sign up directly with RaiseRight via their website https://www.raiseright.com/ and make purchases at any time as needs arise (UUCWC enrollment code is TRVNR5BH8A4A)
  • Contact the RaiseRight Coordinator at RaiseRight@uucwc.org to sign up (most popular option)
  • Sign up at the RaiseRight table during the coffee hour; a simple email response is all that’s needed.

Interested participants will receive an email reminder the first week of the month requesting their vendor selection and card amounts.  Cards are distributed and payments are made at church on the second Sunday of the month. If attending church is not possible, other arrangements will be made. Payment for gift cards can be by PayPal, Venmo or check made out to UUCWC; be sure to note “RaiseRight” in the memo line/comments to vendors.

This program is safe, easy, doesn’t cost the individual any money, convenient, and you can choose from over 700 participating vendors. Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire. Use them for your everyday shopping as well as gifts!

Join the Raise Right fundraiser today!