Do You Buy Food or Use a Drug Store?

by Holly Bussey, for the Raise Right Team

If your answer to the question in the headline is YES, then you can help raise money for UUCWC with no effort. It doesn’t cost anything. All you need to do is order gift cards for your favorite store and use them to pay for your purchases. Pay for the cards in advance, receive a gift card for the amount paid, and UUCWC receives a percentage of the value of every card purchase.

Last year, our six month pilot program of gift card sales raised $1,000 for UUCWC. Imagine the dollar value we could receive if everyone bought cards to use for grocery shopping or for drug store purchases – tasks we all do weekly.

Are there gift cards for stores other than grocery and pharmacy available? Yes, there are over 400 (including Amazon, restaurants, retail stores, etc.). Using gift cards for your everyday shopping is an easy way to maximize the value UUCWC receives from the Raise Right program.

How do I do it? It’s simple. Fill out the order form and place it in the FUNDRAISING mailbox in the office, OR give the form to a Raise Right team coordinator at church in the lobby or Crossing Room (usually on the first Sunday of the month). You pay when you pick up your cards.

Interested in ordering cards not listed on UUCWC’s form? Look here to find what you’re looking for OR scan the QR Code on the form. Remember our enrollment code is TRVNR5BH8A4A.

Once you get in the habit of purchasing cards for all your shopping needs, we’ll be well on our way to raising funds for UUCWC. It isn’t hard. Won’t you give it a try?

Please contact Holly Bussey with questions or comments at (

Thanks and happy shopping.