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The Hard-on-the-Heart Work of Saying Goodbye by Rev. Kim Wildszewski
Coming of Age Heritage Trip by Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Church Music Humor by Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry
Personnel Needs in Support of Congregational Goals by Regina Podhorin Zilinski, Personnel Committee

Capital Campaign/Project Update by Jayme Trott, Co-Chair

UUCWC Spring Auction – Last Chance! – May 12 after both services

Airport and Train Transportation Service

The Hard-on-the-Heart Work of Saying Goodbye

Rev. Kim Wildszewski


It’s hard to appreciate while living the rule, but there is good reason that within the UU Ministers Association Guidelines it makes clear that ministers of whatever position, when leaving a congregation, should withhold communication for at least a year. One colleague once said to me – it’s like moving in with your new wife. You go to hang your clothes in the closet but all of her ex’s stuff is still there. There’s no room for you!


It is the hard-on-the-heart work of saying goodbye to someone, even if only for a time, so that our hearts may – however reluctantly – open anew to another minister, another ministry, another season.  Read more…


May 12 will be Hannah’s final sermon from the pulpit of UUCWC.

Coming of Age Heritage Trip
Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

The 8th-9th grade Coming of Age (“COA”) class went on their heritage trip to Boston with Scott Umlauf and Scott Drew at the end of April.

Coming of Age is a Unitarian Universalist rite of passage that celebrates the transition from childhood into the teen and adult years within the Unitarian Universalist tradition. During the year, members of the class explore their personal beliefs and values, learn about Unitarian Universalism and how our faith applies to everyday life, participate in service projects to UUCWC and the community at large, and work with a mentor to write a personal statement of current religious belief. The year culminates with a Sunday Service (this year on May 19th at 10am) where the class reads their credos, or statements of belief. This is often one of the most moving services of the year.  Read more…

Church Music Humor
Church Bulletin Music Bloopers

Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry


My articles for the past few months have been of a serious nature. Thought I’d share some church music humor with you this month!  Read more…


Personnel Needs in Support of Congregational Goals

Regina Podhorin Zilinski, Personnel Committee


When I became the Chair of the Personnel Committee in late 2014 my first task was for the committee to align the staffing needs of the congregation with the strategic priorities set in mid-2014 and with the emerging needs of a much larger and more sophisticated needs of a Program based church. The committee reviewed the strategic plan, UUA recommended job titles/descriptions and held listening sessions with staff, committee leadership and long-time members of the congregation. The literature on church development made it clear that we needed to be proactive, rather than reactive, to growth in membership and growth in management complexity.  Read more…

Capital Campaign/Project Update

Jayme Trott, Co-Chair

In April, the Steering Committee met to review and plan next steps. The civil engineers have been out to survey our property and will give results to our architect for planning. Once these plans are approved by the township zoning department the architect will provide more detailed drawings with plumbing, electrical, etc. Those plans then go to the township building department for approval. Once the plans are approved, we will engage a contractor. In reality we do not expect township approvals before winter of 2019/2020. We are hopeful to start construction in the summer of 2020.


New parking lot: As the weather warms we will be having seed blown in the new parking area as the final phase to the parking project. FYI the green rolls around the perimeter form a “silt fence” which will be taken away as the seeding begins.  Read more…

May 19 –  September 8
One service at 10:00 am



Save the Dates


May 11, 8pm
Cosmic Crossings Concert


May 14, 7pm
Board Chat: Proposed Staffing Changes and Budget


May 15, 6pm
Welcome Table Wednesday
Please RSVP to the office


May 18, 11am

New Hope Celebrates Pride Parade (meet on York Street in Lambertville, contact Sarah Burke for more info)

May 19, after service
Budget Meeting – your chance for an indepth review of next year’s proposed budget

May 19, after service
Earth Ministry Used Book Sale


June 2, 11:30am
Congregational Meeting
Watch your email for details

September 27-29
Murray Grove Homecoming

October 18 – 20
Annual Kirkridge Retreat


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2019 UUCWC Spring Auction — Last Chance!


There are still a few openings in some events and activities.  Come visit us in the Crossings Room after both services on Sunday, May 12, to see what fun things are still available.  


September 27-29
Murray Grove Homecoming
Rev. Kim is the
Sunday preacher.
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UUA General Assembly
June 19 – 23 in Spokane, WA


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