Capital Campaign Update – May 2019

In April, the Steering Committee met to review and plan next steps. The civil engineers have been out to survey our property and will give results to our architect for planning. Once these plans are approved by the township zoning department the architect will provide more detailed drawings with plumbing, electrical, etc. Those plans then go to the township building department for approval. Once the plans are approved, we will engage a contractor. In reality we do not expect township approvals before winter of 2019/2020. We are hopeful to start construction in the summer of 2020.

New parking lot: As the weather warms we will be having seed blown in the new parking area as the final phase to the parking project. FYI the green rolls around the perimeter form a “silt fence” which will be taken away as the seeding begins.

If you haven’t yet made a commitment to support the Capital Project, please consider doing so. Recall that our original “wish list” came with a $1.7 million estimated price tag, and the goal we ultimately decided on (at the recommendation of our consultant) is $1.1 million. We have $920,000 pledged so far. The higher our pledge commitments, the more “wish list” items we will be able to include in the renovation plans.

Keep an eye out for news bulletins on the UUCWC website, the lobby screen, and these monthly Cross Currents updates!

Susan Vigilante and Jayme Trott – Capital Campaign Project Co-chairs