The UUCWC church building will be closed until further notice;
essential staff and Sunday service leaders only.

Although the church building is closed, we are still doing church, continuing to seek to Create Community, Celebrate Life, Change the World. Staff are working from home but they are in to check on the building and provide Sunday service as needed. They are keeping a watchful eye on our building and grounds, including making minor repairs, scheduling regular inspects, etc., to ensure that everything will be in good condition for our return.

Guidelines Put in Place to Open Church Grounds

In response to a number of requests, the UUCWC Board of Trustees asked our Task Force on Reopening to recommend how we might safely permit groups of members and friends to meet on church grounds. This would not include meetings in the church building, as we are not yet ready to consider that possibility.

The task force reviewed New Jersey and Pennsylvania requirements and CDC guidelines and decided it would be safe to open the grounds only, including the Memorial Garden and Meditation Trail, as long as we adhere to the current published standards. The Board has approved these requirements for use of the church grounds.

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In this issue:

Showing Up For The Beloved Community by Rev. Kimberly Wildszewski
Summer Happenings by Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Reflections from the Board President on This Year by Nathalie Edmond, President, Board of Trustees

Capital Campaign/Project Update by Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante, Co-Chairs Capital Campaign/Project

17 UUCWC-ers Swarm General Assembly by Holly Bussey, Denominational Affairs

A Virtual Green Table by Wendy Stasolla, Earth Ministry

FEFT Upate: Where Our 50% of the Plate Goes by Holly Bussey and Lynne Quinto, FEFT Coordinators

Looking Back and Looking Forward With the Faith Action Ministry by Jamie Evanini and Barbara Schroeder Jensen, Faith Action Ministry

Faith Action Ministry – Yard Signs

Armchair Fundraising By Shopping Online by Wendy Stasolla, Fundraising Coordinator

Showing Up For The Beloved Community
Rev. Kim Wildszewski

This past Sunday, Rev. Marlin Lavanhar spoke about how grief is like staring nose-to-nose with a painting. You can’t see anything else. You can’t even see the painting in all its detail; it’s all-encompassing. But then, with time, things start to come into focus; things beyond the image start to show up in the periphery.

As I told the Racial Justice Ministry leadership in a recent email, it was only UUCWC’s consistent and persistent work in the world that could shake me from staring at my grief these recent months. It was only the images of you posted to FaceBook, masked and with signs, engaged, faithful and working, that let the rest of the world exist – matter – beyond my own “stuff.”

In these pandemic months, in this time of self-protection, other people and other communities are doubling down on the idealization of individualism, othering, and the hoarding of resources given to some by supremacy systems. But not UUCWC. In fact, this is how you were described in a recent email to me from a local activist, Catherine J. Fulmer-Hogan: “For years, UUCWC has been one of the strongest advocates for social and racial justice in our community.”  Read more…

This Saturday (July 18) at 1pm will be the next peaceful protest for police accountability at the Hopewell Township Municipal Building. I look forward to seeing you (masked, with signs, engaged, faithful and working).

Summer Happenings
Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

UUCWC’s summer program for K-8th grade is called UU Kids Connect. It is virtual and nationwide, developed by seven religious educators in congregations in New York and New Jersey. (I am not one of the seven but I am helping with the program now). It is open to UU children across the country but is attended mostly by kids in the metro NY area. For years, I have wanted to collaborate on programming with other congregations but the driving distances between congregations are a barrier for family participation. I am so glad UUCWC kids are part of this program. It allows them to meet a wider variety of UU kids that they may connect with again at regional youth events. Children and youth may join our summer program at any time. Please email me for more information.

Adult Religious Education classes will resume in late August, and all classes will be virtual. We are still finalizing the schedule as this article goes to print.  Read more…

Robin can be reached at

Reflections From the UUCWC Board President On This Year
Nathalie Edmond, President, UUCWC Board of Trustees

The Board met in July for the first time in the new fiscal year, which started July 1st, and 7th time this calendar year. This year has been quite an interesting year as I begin my fourth year on the board and second year as Board President. This calendar year has been different for many reasons but the most significant one has been the physical absence of Rev. Kim as we started the calendar year with her on sabbatical.  Read more…

Capital Project Update – July 2020
Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante, Co-Chairs, Capital Campaign/Project

The Capital Campaign Steering Committee is happy to report that the Hopewell Township Planning Board memorialized the Resolution of Approval at their June meeting. The drawings are being submitted to the township and, along with obtaining formal approval (already received verbally) from two other governing agencies, everything should be completed by the end of July. We hope to have timelines for the phases of construction by the end of August at the latest.  Read more…

17 UUCWC-ers Swarm General Assembly
Holly Bussey, Denominational Affairs

Rhode Island was the destination, if only in our minds, as 17 people set off to attend the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly! 2020 was the first totally virtual event ever! There were close to 5,000 total attendees, the 2nd largest General Assembly (GA) in its history.

Each GA has a theme that builds on years’ past. Rooted, Inspired, & Ready! was the theme this year. Acknowledging our theological roots (all aspects), working towards transforming our faith, and leaving GA ready to take action in the wider world. None of us knew what to expect, but we were all impressed with how interesting and well run this event was.  Read more…

A Virtual Green Table Brought to You By the Earth Ministry
Wendy Stasolla, Earth Ministry

A Green Table is a show and tell from the Earth Ministry about various things you can do to be kind to our Earth. Since we are unable to impress you with an in-person exhibit, I’ll try to do so in writing. Although we earth ministers are huge proponents of recycling, the goal of this virtual green table is to highlight an even better practice of managing the tons of containers that hold our necessities and that is… TO NOT RECYCLE…by not bringing home single-use containers in the first place! This is now possible through an innovative service called Loop.  Read more…

Of course, please continue to recycle as well. You can refer to this article in the Earth Ministry archives if you have any questions on what, where, and how to recycle in our area. 

Information on joining Sunday’s 10:00am virtual service will be emailed to you on Saturday.

Where Our 50% of the Plate Monies Go – July 2020 Update
Holly Bussey and Lynne Quinto, Coordinators, Faith Expression and Funding Team

The Faith Expression and Funding Team, part of the Council for Faith in Action (CFA), is responsible for the distribution of the 50% of the weekly plate allocated to social justice causes. Is there an organization that you are passionate about, that you feel puts your faith in action? Contact us for details on submitting a funding request. Thanks to your generosity, UUCWC was recently able to provide funding for the following organizations and projects.  Read more…

Looking Back and Looking Forward With the Faith Action Ministry

Jamie Evanini and Barbara Schroeder Jensen, Faith Action Ministry

UUCWC has been working hard to put our faith into action, especially since the pandemic. We celebrate the work of everyone who has helped out so much and invite you to take a look at all we have done in this challenging time, and what we aim to do in the months ahead! Read about the Action Table, ESL Classes, Black Lives Matter, Food Insecurity, Local Activism, and UU the Vote.  Read more…

The Faith Action Ministry would welcome your participation in any of these initiatives. To find out more or to get involved, email

The Faith Action Ministry is sponsoring the sale of these signs. If you want one, please contact Susan Vigilante (PA) or Barbara Schroeder Jensen (NJ) to pick one up. They are $10 each (includes a stand).

Armchair Fundraising By Shopping Online

Wendy Stasolla, Fundraising Coordinator

A big thanks to those of you who have been remembering to click through to Amazon via the button on the bottom left of our UUCWC homepage. UUCWC receives up to 4% cash back on your purchase total from Amazon every time you use this link.

Please note that there’s no confirmation message during checkout but as long as you purchase within 24 hours of going through the link, we will indeed get credit for your purchase! If you have any questions about how this works don’t hesitate to reach out to Wendy Stasolla.

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