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In this issue:

More Q&A On an Assistant Minister by Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Music and Cultural Mis/Aappropriation by Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry

Bylaws Task Force Update by Nathalie Edmond, Vice President, Board of Trustees

Capital Campaign/Project Update by Jayme Trott, Co-Chair

Racial Justice Initiative – Update and Conversation on Cultural Appropriation by Mary McKillip, Chair

UUCWC Spring Auction – What’s New, Tips, and Important Dates by Marcia Wittmann, Auction Committee

UUCWC Service Awards – Nominations due April 22
Help Wanted: Nominating Committee

UUA General Assembly

Airport and Train Transportation Service

More Q&A On an Assistant Minister

Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Since February’s start to our Stewardship Campaign, in which I preached on our need to bring on an Assistant Minister, there have been many conversations. Some have been affirming and encouraging, others have brought to light new concerns or questions. As we near a decision on whether we can financially sustain a second minister and who that might be, I hope to address some of the questions and concerns I’ve heard informally and at the five Listening Circles offered.  Read more…

Since publishing the below article, we received word from the Ministerial Fellowship Committee that our Ministerial Resident, Hannah Gallo, will not be able to serve as our Assistant Minister.  Rev. Kim and the Personnel Committee continue to consider next steps and our financial capabilities.  Updates will be shared with the congregation as they are available. 

Children’s and Adult RE
Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Have you considered being a teacher in our Children’s Religious Education program? Have an idea for an Adult Learning class?  Contact Robin at dre@uucwc.org.

Music and Cultural Mis/Appropriation

Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry

For the past two months, I’ve shared one musician’s perspective on cultural appropriation. As promised, this month I’m sharing my own thoughts. As I continue to “lean into” this complicated issue, I welcome your thoughts and feelings with love and care. Tell me about music that speaks to you, or causes you pain, so that the choir or individual musicians might  offer music in a  service  with more mindfulness. The most important thing  is  to continue the dialog and to listen to everyone at UUCWC with compassion and an open heart.  Read More…

From your Board of Trustees

Bylaws Task Force Update
by Nathalie Edmond, Vice President

When I joined the Board two years ago I never thought I would be on the Bylaws Task Force, let alone excited about attending the meetings. After spending this year with some amazing people (Marty Friedman, Regina Podhorin-Zilinski, Mike Hanson, Bernice Husk, and Colleen McCourt) on the task force these are some of my lessons learned.  Read more…

There will be one more Bylaws Listening Circle on Monday, April 29, 7pm.

Capital Campaign/Project Update

Jayme Trott, Co-Chair

In March the Steering Committee met with church staff and Food Ministry representatives to get their input on the use of space as presented in the preliminary architectural drawings provided by our architect, David B. Singer. Van Note Harvey was hired as our civil engineering firm, and they are initiating work on a ground survey.  Read more…

Conversation on Cultural Appropriation

Mary McKillip, Chair, Racial Justice Initiative Steering Committee

Join the Racial Justice Initiative Steering Committee in the sanctuary on Tuesday, April 23 at 7pm. We will update you on our committee’s work to date and engage in conversation about cultural appropriation. We ask that you read Reckless Borrowing or Appropriate Cultural Sharing before the meeting. Printed copies will be available on the RJI bulletin board. Email racialjustice@uucwc.org with questions and to let us know if you need childcare to attend.

UUCWC Service Awards
Nominations Due April 22

The Board invites you to think about  individuals in the congregation you would like to honor at the annual meeting. Nominate someone who exemplifies service and/or has significantly contributed to our community.  Details here…

Help Wanted: Nominating Committee

Serving on the Nominating Committee is rewarding because we get to work with the amazing leadership of UUCWC, as well as Rev. Kim and our church community. There are immediate openings on the Nominating Committee and for 2019 -2020.  Read more…

Save the Dates

The Auction Book is now available to preview this year’s offerings and with all the Auction info you need.

April 13
UU FaithAction NJ Plenary

Note time change: 10am – 3:30pm

April 13, 8am – 12pm
Earth Ministry – Hopewell Valley Clean-up

April 14 – after each service
First Silent Auction Sunday

April 14, 1pm – 3pm

FAM Action Hour

April 22
Service Award Nominations Due

April 23, 7pm
RJI Meeting and discussion on cultural appropriation

April 26-27
UU PA Legislative Advocacy Network Annual Meeting

April 27, 2pm – 4pm
FAM: Health Care Reform in NJ Forum

April 28 – after each service
Second Silent Auction Sunday

April 29, 7:00pm
Bylaws Listening Circle

May 4
Live Auction

May 5, 1pm
FAM: Unbreaking America

May 12, after each service
Spring Plant Sale

UUCWC Calendar

2019 UUCWC Spring Auction — What’s New, Tips and Important Dates

The UUCWC Spring Auction, is right around the corner! Silent Auction Sundays take place April 14 and 28, followed by the exciting Live Auction on Saturday, May 4.

Read more on what’s new for 2019, tips, and important dates…

UUA General Assembly
June 19 – 23 in Spokane, WA

Contact da@uucwc.org for details or if you are interested in attending.

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