Coming into Connection (Coming of Age for Adults)

The Coming of Age (COA) curriculum helps youth: discern for themselves what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, individually and as part of the larger faith community; act on personal beliefs and values; and recognize and honor the movement of a youth from childhood to adolescence within the UU tradition.

We know this year of discernment, relationship-building, and spiritual practice is essential for our young people. Yet we don’t offer the same for our adults.

In recent years we know there are two themes that have been difficult to navigate at UUCWC.

The first, the growth of the congregation. Our long-term members just don’t know or even recognize everyone with a nametag these days; our new members don’t know who the long term members are!

The second, what we call a concern about “elder invisibility.” As many transition into retirement and older age, they are also retiring from much of their leadership – or leadership in the previously recognized ways – at UUCWC. But how then do we connect? Remain a part of and a voice in UUCWC? How do our stories get told? How does our history stay relevant and appreciated for the future? These are the just some of the questions we are all holding.

In an effort to connect the congregation, to build relationship, and to deepen our Unitarian Universalist identity, we are excited to offer, for the first time, a pilot Coming of Age for Adults. Or, what we’re calling, Coming into Connection (COC).

Coming into Connection will begin Sunday, October 8 and end in mid January. After the October 8th kickoff, participants will be partnered up with someone of a different generation. Meaning: either partners who have been in UUCWC for a different period of a time (eg, pairing a pillar member with a new member, regardless of age), or partners of a different generation (eg someone in their 30s with someone in their 70s regardless of how long either has been a member).

There are eight sessions including the kick off and conclusion (where all participants are present) and it will be up to the partners to move through the curriculum according to their availability and speed at which they wish to connect.

The goals of this offering are simple yet rich: to connect you with your partner, your self, and your UU identity. Topics will include your thoughts on theology, death, history, spiritual practice, and more. Each topic is supported by readings, resources, and reflection questions to help you thinking, talking, sharing your story, and, of course, connecting.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate!

Registration will begin August 15th. You may register online at the UUCWC website under Adult Learning. Registration forms will also be available at the ARE Bulletin Board outside the church office. Please email questions to after the 15th.