As adults, we need to make a deliberate choice to continue to learn and grow. There are, of course, many avenues whereby this choice may be exercised at UUCWC-worship, congregational leadership, small group ministry, social action. The Adult Religious Education (ARE) offers classes, workshops, and other programs more intentionally designed to foster this aim.

Spirituality and religious identity compliment each other. Spirituality is made up of values, beliefs, and religious feelings that relate to an individual’s own personal experience. It is based on our thoughts about life, death, and our own definition of reality. Religious identity represents those values, beliefs, and rituals that a community holds in common. How do we combine those two sides of the same coin? How do we preserve values while offering encouragement to people in putting these values into practice-to walk the talk each day, every hour as a Unitarian Universalist?

We are continuing our journey of developing an Adult RE program that will deepen UUCWC connections. We have created a four-fold model designed to integrate adult enrichment with the goal of providing lifespan religious education and faith development. In this model, faith development integrates religious identity with spiritual growth. There are tracks (or interconnected areas) currently called:

Programs for Head and Heart

  Racial Justice

  Spiritual Deepening

  Being UU

  Path to Leadership

  • Facilitator Training

  Path to Membership

It is our hope to provide programs that can be identified under one of these four topical areas, or tracks. Another goal is to help new members become integrated with our faith and providing existing members the ability to grow in new ways.

We hope adults will embrace this opportunity to develop both the roots and wings of their UU faith with the help of the programs described here. We welcome your participation and encourage you to register for these workshops that will enable you to be a deeper, more spiritual person while connecting with the community within UUCWC and the larger world.

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