You are Invited to Participate in Doing Church Simply

We are a mission driven congregation and faith. UUCWC’s mission is to Celebrate Life, Create Community and Change the World. We Celebrate Life by attending worship; Create Community by engaging in small groups, and Change the World by serving in ways that reflect our UU values and through UUCWC partnerships.

In an effort to drill down to the very most essential ways we believe congregational life and Unitarian Universalism can partner each of us in this time, you are invited into three areas of congregational life – Celebrate, Create, and Serve – right off our mission statement but a little mixed around. All virtually, so no matter your location or ability, you are invited to participate in this way of doing church differently and simply.

Come to worship services in order to celebrate the life we are living, even in its complexity, even its ugliness and pain. We come to worship to look at life and still choose it, to still celebrate that it is ours to exist within and be a part of.

Celebrate Life. Come to worship.

We are a highly relational congregation. One way we can be intentionally bound is through spiritual, thoughtful, interpersonal reflection in a small group ministry. Examples of existing small groups include:

  • Lectio Divina class and weekly practice
  • Chalice Circles
  • Racial Justice monthly forums (information emailed)
  • Coming into Connection pairings
  • Theme-based Reflection Groups

If you are already in a small group ministry, we celebrate this! Faith Engagement can also offer you Soul Matters theme materials to give you fresh resources that reflect our current times and deepen your conversations. Contact Robin Pugh at

For our parents with kids in children’s faith engagement, we are setting you up with an entire year of multigenerational learning through two programs in place of Religious Education classes and that model a small group philosophy:

  • Family Chalice Circles: pods of two or three families with children of similar ages, meeting every other week to do multigenerational UU learning and practice.
  • Parents as Educators: parents commit to one of three options, attending Coming into Connection, “Tending the Flame,” a once a month UU Parenting class based on a book of the same name, or attending a Chalice Circle.

You are the curriculum – no Zoom lessons. We will use facilitated faith-based relationships as our guide. Contact Robin Pugh at

Create Community, that is grounded in the celebration of life. Join a small group.

SERVE (Change the World)
This year we are asking you to focus rather than spread yourselves thin; commit rather than overextend; and replenish so that you can serve purposefully. Whether that’s on a ministry or committee team, or in a protest space, we hope you will serve deeply in a way that is inspired by worship and your small groups. We hope you will serve because you want to make the world look and feel and sound more like what you are practicing as a Unitarian Universalist.

If we want to change the world, we will have to be in it. Rested, spiritually focused, and growing in our resilience.

Liberation will not come from the exhausted among us. Join me in doing it differently.