Rev. Kim’s Summer Schedule

Friends, it has been good to be with you these last two Sundays.  
I know there have been some questions about my schedule and availability. 
I’ve shared my return plan with the Board and Staff leadership but wish to do so with all of you, as well.  As you likely remember, in the summer months I have consistently gone from preaching three times per month, down to two; leading worship every other week and using the additional writing day to plan for the congregational year to come.  This will continue for the 2020 summer and I will take up my typical Sunday schedule following the Water Ingathering Ceremony, the Sunday after Labor Day. 

Throughout the week you can schedule time with me for Zoom or phone call conversations.  At this time I will not be offering in-person meetings or pastoral care, even outside and masked.  In order to return to work, Tara, Tobias and I are “quaranteaming” with dear friends in Hopewell.  Because of underlying health issues and a newborn in our “quaranteam”, as well as my own heightened fears because of Malcolm’s passing, we will be keeping this bubble tight.  With the start of school in the fall, I will reconsider my availability. Until then, I want to honor how impossible it is for any of us to make individual decisions about a system threat.  These are not easy times.  Be gentle on yourself.  Be safe. 

Take good care,
Rev. Kim