A message for April

As April marches brightly forward, I want to offer a few reflections and reminders for all of us. 

The continued roll out of vaccines is renewing the energy, relationships, and freedom for many within our community.  We see your joy as you hug your grandchildren and parents.  We celebrate your travel and the sight of your mouths!

We also know that the ongoing struggle to find an appointment, of being ineligible to receive a vaccine, and the fear of returning to something that no longer feels normal or inviting, is a full body concern for others.  Your overwhelm and envy are legitimate. We honor how you’ve changed this year, and how you are learning who you are going forward. Be tender with yourself.

In addition to the vaccine’s very specific cause for joy or concern, I also lift up the many declarative statements I’ve heard in the UUCWC atmosphere about our return to some type of in-person congregational life:  when, how, with what technology or people at the helm, etc. 

We have always striven for transparency and this season is no different.  If you have not read or heard a statement about reopening from me or the Board of Trustees, I encourage you to hold any other statements lightly, and I ask that you not pass those statements along as truth or even suggestion.

I know we are tired of the restrictions of this time.  Exhaustion, anxiety, overwhelm – a general sense of being done with it all – it can loosen our expectations of ourselves.  May we enter this season like we have all others:  trusting and trustworthy, tender and thoughtful.

With appreciation and care,
Rev. Kim