New Opportunities for Children and Youth

This month we begin two opportunities for children and youth.  The first is virtual Family Chapel, a space on Sunday mornings where our UUCWC families from around the country can join together: to light a chalice, sing “Spirit of life”, learn together by story and song, share joys and sorrows, and hear the blessing and send off of “Go Now in Peace.”

It’s a space for our children and adults to learn, to connect, and to be given tools to practice their Unitarian Universalism together.

On these family chapel Sundays, I offer the same story for all ages at the family chapel, the virtual service and the outside service (if there is one) because this wisdom is for all of us.  The continuity of the same story in three places helps me feel connected to all three of our worship spaces. I hope it does for you too.  Feel free to invite your grandchildren or children’s cousins or friends to the Family Chapel.

The second opportunity is one for youth. On Friday nights, there is a firepit for youth in 7th-12th grade. We gather around the firepit at UUCWC when it is still light finding sticks to feed the fire, then we play group games around the fire, have s’mores and share something about our lives.   There is something about a campfire that pulls us toward it and gathers us in community. We notice the stars, howl because we can and feel the warmth of the fire and of each other.

Both the Family Chapel and the Firepit are held the first and third Friday (Firepit) and Sunday (Family Chapel) of the month.