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UU Summer Camps for All Ages

We are reprinting this article from last year, updated for 2017, because I think attending a UU summer camp or conference is so important to growing Unitarian Universalists of any age. They may not be able to articulate it well, but many lifelong Unitarian Universalists will tell you it was their participation in UU summer … Continued

Four Times In a Day for Faith-Building Opportunities

How do parents and caregivers raise a UU child? By talking to their children about being a Unitarian Universalist and modeling UU values. The Religious Education program at UUCWC teaches children UU values and traditions, but children learn and internalize their concepts of faith, morality, responsibility, and justice from their parents. I grew up Catholic … Continued

Children’s RE Classes Begin on Sept 18

Welcome back to those families that I haven’t seen this summer. Our intergenerational water ingathering service is on September 11th. Please bring a small amount of water from your home or a place you visited this summer. Religious education classes begin on September 18th. The RE Committee for Children and Youth (“RECCY”) and I have … Continued

Thank You to Our Children’s RE Teachers

I want to thank the 32 people who volunteered in our children’s Religious Education (RE) program this year. Our children’s lives have been enriched because of the dedication and commitment of these volunteer teachers. I may be the adult face of the children’s RE program, but our teachers are its heart because they care so … Continued

Children’s RE Then and Now

Celebrating our 100th anniversary made me wonder what children’s religious education was like at the First Unitarian Church of Trenton (UUCWC’s precursor) when it started in 1948. Amazingly, there are a lot of similarities in both the method and the content of Unitarian Sunday school in 1948 and our RE program today. But that is … Continued

Consider a UU Camp This Summer

What are you doing this summer? Did you know that there are over 26 UU camps and conference centers that offer one-week all-inclusive vacations for individuals, families and teens? I have attended UU camps both with my family and alone. I find the week to be one of personal and spiritual growth, UU camaraderie and … Continued

Neighboring Faiths

by Scott Drew, Children’s Religious Education Teacher January 17. The message of the Scripture reading from the Book of Daniel was that God speaks to us through dreams. And for the Pastor of St. John’s Baptist Church in Ewing, Dr. Vincent Jackson, it was the platform to discuss Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech … Continued

Why We Teach About the Bible in Children’s RE

This year the grade 4-5 class in religious education is studying the Jewish and Christian Bible using a UU curriculum called Bibleodeon. Some of you may be surprised at this topic, or even alarmed. Many of us who were raised in non-UU faiths avoid the Bible because of the rigid and dogmatic way it was … Continued

Children’s Religious Education Classes Start on Sept. 20

Our Children’s Religious Education program gets underway on Sunday, September 20. The curriculum for the 2015 – 2016 year is posted on our website at http://www.uucwc.org/children-youth/childrens-religious-education-curriculum/. And if you haven’t registered your child(ren) yet, please do so as soon as possible to help us with our planning and class preparation. If you have any questions, … Continued