Welcome to the JULIETs

by Bonnie Ruekgauer

DID YOU KNOW that UUCWC has a monthly lunch group called JULIETs? The name is an acronym for “Just Us Ladies Into Eating and Talking.” Going back to the early 2000s, the lunches were held at the church, with three rotating hosts preparing the meal each month. After a few years, the group decided to change the venue and dine at local restaurants. When the COVID pandemic struck, JULIETs met virtually, so as not to miss out on the lively conversation which always takes place during lunches. The group is now back to enjoying lunch together at local restaurants on both sides of the Delaware River on the third Tuesday of each month.

Lunches have been announced through a monthly group email; getting on the group email has primarily happened through word of mouth. THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE – dates and locales of the lunches will be shared in the weekly church email announcements. Additionally, while the acronym includes the word “ladies,” the JULIETs want everyone to know that the group is open to all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers around the experiences of women.

If you’re interested in attending a JULIETs luncheon, watch for the information in the weekly email announcements, or email julietslunch@uucwc.org.