We Cherish Your Generosity

by Anne Godlasky, Stewardship Committee

I probably get more emails on Giving Tuesday than any other day of the year. Many include a faux signature from the leader of whatever nonprofit is imploring me. Someone I’ve never met. Inundated with both needs and wants, choosing where to put your resources can be difficult. It’s a lot like parenting. Or, some might say, stewardship – the art and business of caring for something larger than yourself.

When I get a message from UUCWC, I know the person who signed it. And that would likely be true no matter what committee they serve or whether they speak from the pulpit or the Zoom chat. I bet it’s the same for you. You’d know them and know their goal is to make the world more fair and caring. You could count on them to use your contribution wisely, to put it toward our shared values.

Could they count on you?

We hope the answer is a big, joyous YES!

In the spirit of reflection, we invite you to recall the moments of peace, love, and spiritual exploration UUCWC has provided this year. In the spirit of gratitude, we invite you to join us in our Year-End Giving Campaign.

This is an opportunity to support UUCWC’s talented and tireless staff, religious education and enrichment programs, food ministry and other community outreach, and more of the ways in which our church serves as a haven and inspiration.

We cherish your generosity. If you can contribute, please donate via PayPal, Venmo @UUCWC or find instructions for mailing a check or transferring funds in whatever way is most convenient for you at this link.

We are fortunate that many at UUCWC – our dear Rev. Kim included – approach this as a “13th month” and match their usual monthly contribution. As always, every donation – no matter the size – is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a New Year filled with hope.

With gratitude,