UUCWC’s Racial Justice Initiative Update

So, what is current status of UUCWC’s Racial Justice Initiative? The election of Donald Trump opens a far wider conversation than when the Council for Faith Action initiated the information sessions and discussions about Black Lives Matter and racial justice early this fall. America’s deep history of racism and anti-Semitism, along with the more recent hatreds of immigrants and Muslims, have now been fully exposed, challenging us as never before. As of this writing, we are evaluating, with input from Rev. Kim, what we think the next steps should be. We have a number of ideas about how we can best put our faith into action and will keep you fully informed as we move forward. Briefly, though, we must come together with increased energy and CFA will be actively working to provide support to congregants interested in various areas of justice and activism. Don’t hesitate to contact us at cfa@uucwc.org if you have thoughts or ideas you’d like to share.

There was excellent participation in the Listening Circles with about 50 people attending one of the five circles offered. The general consensus was that supporting Black Lives Matter and racial justice was inherent to who we are as a faith community and in line with our First Principle. Some participants also expressed concern about angry rhetoric and demonizing of law enforcement. A summary of the Listening Circles is available to everyone on the Council for Faith in Action webpage. Alternatively, you can contact cfa@uucwc.org and it will be sent to you.

A short survey will be sent to the entire congregation in the New Year to provide us with more information about how folks would like to see UUCWC’s justice work proceed. We have very challenging and difficult times ahead of us and we cannot be quiet about hate and injustice. I also feel that this moment gives us a unique opportunity to stand up for change, build bridges and to speak truth to power. We are Unitarian Universalists. Justice is in our genes.

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