UUCWC Affirms Menstrual Equity

UU FaithAction NJ has launched an initiative to normalize the inclusion of free menstrual products in all restrooms. The Our Whole Lives (OWL) UU human sexuality program supports this initiative. Jami Thall, Reproductive Justice Task Force Co-chair, has written an article below explaining their goals and asking for congregations to support this work. UUCWC now offers menstrual products in all of our restrooms as our affirmation of menstrual equity.

Why You Need Toilet Paper & Menstrual Products in your Congregation’s Bathrooms, by Jami Thall, Reproductive Justice Task Force Co-Chair, UUFA

Toilet paper is a no-brainer, along with hand soap and paper towels. Accessible personal hygiene is essential as we move through our daily lives. Period products are also essential, but nowhere near as accessible. Why not?

Well, for many years menstruation was stigmatized, whispered about, not a topic for discussion. But as UU’s with our proud history of AYS and OWL, we know that periods are a normal, natural part of life.

So why don’t we have period products in our restrooms? Perhaps because no one asked the question.

Now, we are asking. Let’s make sure that all of our restrooms in all of our congregations have period products available for all. Let’s be mindful that if your congregation has gender-specific restrooms, they should all have menstrual products available. Questions about this? Check in with your OWL team.

Menstrual Equity is one of our UUFA Reproductive Justice Task Force goals. “Support legislation and initiatives that seek to help different populations afford and access needed menstrual products within our state’s public institutions. This includes schools, colleges, universities, detention facilities and shelters. We will also work within our own congregations to ensure that free menstrual products can be provided to all members who visit our meeting spaces.

Let’s make period products accessible to everyone in our congregational spaces. Period.