Update from the Racial Justice Initiative Praxis Group – May 2018

by Dan Tuft, Co-Chair

7. Political Education, Study and Training
The congregation offers regular opportunities for members to learn about justice issues, gain concrete skills, and develop political analysis

The above assessment point was the focus of our March, 2018 Praxis Group meeting. The Praxis Group supports the adoption of the 8th Principle ( www.8thprincipleuu.org) and will have two meetings (May and June) to complete the assessment process. Plans are developing within RJI to review this year-long process, along with recommendations for the focus in the upcoming year here at UUCWC.

What we already do in this area:

  • Beloved Conversations is offered once per year now
  • Racial Justice Book/Film club continues
  • Have offered white supremacy teach-ins
  • Have brought outside speakers (for free) to talk about issues around racism, whiteness, and white fragility
  • Grant was written to Endowment Fund to support offering racial justice related workshops for free to congregation
  • New social action table in Crossings Room is offered most Sundays to help people learn about local issues

What we don’t do much of:

  • Working with local racial justice activists in organized manner, not just individuals, or investing in community organizing/movement building training

What would we like to do?

  • Identify ways to increase attendance from a wider variety of people at racial justice education events
  • Maybe offer articles on bulletin board or through new email distribution
  • Offer more trainings about how to have conversations with other people about issues around racism which include role plays
  • Have Beloved Conversations follow-up for alumni about how to bring these conversations into different congregational committees
  • Offer local groups space for free at congregation

Thanks for your participation and commitment—comments? Email us: racialjustice@uucwc.org.