Topic: Wholeness

Youth Led Service

“To envy or be jealous of another’s skills, looks, or gifts rather than embracing your own nature and call is to fail in two respects. In trying unsuccessfully to be who we aren’t, we fail to become who we are.” This sentiment is from Forrest … read more.


The joy and grandeur in the story of Easter cannot be unbound from the exploration of betrayal, distrust and evil in the world. This Easter we consider what lives, what saves, in the midst of cruelty and how we, as religious liberals, answer to the … read more.

Earth Ministry

A week before Earth Day, Hannah Gallo and our Earth Ministry team leads worship.

April Theme: Wholeness
We Unitarian Universalists understand the urge to restore what once was. But our faith teaches us that this is just not how the world works. Transition and change rule … read more.

The Rule

It’s said that all religions essentially say the same thing: Treat others the way you want to be treated. But perhaps this isn’t the rule we think is worthy of our Principles or faith. As we begin our monthly theme of Wholeness, we begin our … read more.