Topic: Memory

If We Could Talk to Our Neural Nets

Using the very building blocks of human memory, we’ll look to accessible strokes of insight from quantum physics and brain science in search of intentional resilience-building practices…just imagine it.

Music by Corbett Klein (UU Congregation of Princeton).

Rev. Craig Rubano is the Interim Assistant Minister at the … read more.

Memory as Humanity

Is memory something we hold in our minds, our hearts, or our bodies? Perhaps all three? Hannah Gallo will be preaching this Sunday on this month’s theme of memory and the ways in which memory is both fickle and faithful to our sense of self.

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The Long Haul

What do we turn to, to keep our hearts steady in times of anxiety? What do we seek when we feel the urge toward cynicism? What is our hope for the long haul? Come this Sunday for an hour of centering in this time unknowing.

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