Topic: Gift of Mystery

Annual Generations Service

Various generations representing different decades in age (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s) reflect on a work of art (poem, novel, short story, movie, piece of music, song, painting, or sculpture) that moves or influences them, provides them with insight and/or comfort, or brings … read more.

Nativity Pageant

Learning is done through play! Come join us for our annual participatory nativity pageant.  Only a few roles are cast in advance of the service, the rest of the at least 27 participants (including shepherds, stars, kings, and animals) take part as the story is … read more.

Dark of the Moon

Special Evening Multiplatform Service at 8pm. To join online, click here.
As the Winter Solstice approaches, we take time amidst the rush, expectation, and forceful joy of this month to notice the dark. Come to celebrate the earth’s turning. Come to honor the … read more.

Here Comes the Sun

On this New Member Sunday, in which we celebrate the growth of our community and call, we gather also, as people have for centuries, to mark the returning of the sun as sacred, and to wonder and wander within the mysteries of the dark. 

A Simple Miracle

We gather to mark the light of Hanukkah, the miracle of hope, and the joys and sorrows of this season. Featuring our beloved choir and further exploration of December’s Earth Teacher.