Topic: Expectation

On Faith and Fear in the Autumnal Equinox

Anne Lamott quotes her pastor as saying, “the opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty.” We deepen into our theme for the month by exploring our expectation that faith comforts, erases pain, fear, and doubt.

September Theme: Expectation
We’ve all heard the line: “You … read more.

Expectant Interruption

September’s theme of Expectation invites us to consider the faithful expectation that our crying out will receive a response.

Listen here:

September Theme: Expectation
We’ve all heard the line: “You get what you expect.” It’s very UU. Liberal religion has always emphasized the tremendous power human … read more.

Water Communion

Come once again for our yearly ingathering service in which we honor our cycles of life through water and create the collective blessing for the year to come. All Congregation Picnic to follow directly after service. Don’t forget to bring a small vial … read more.

Maybe Love is the Problem

We hold Love up as the embodiment of our principles and the manifestation of our beliefs, but Love is a complicated, funny thing: other languages have unique terms for its nuances while English has a single catch-all term. Even still, our understanding of Love has … read more.