Topic: Creativity

Small Circles

A morning to consider the small movements that allow love and loss to mingle; that bring forth creativity and wholeness; that lead to unexpected places.

UUCWC will be holding one virtual service at 10am. Please check here for details

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it’s a lifestyle

this sunday we welcome back Rev. Kim in the service and i, rev. yadenee offer my last sermon to the UUCWC congregation. come on by as we remember what we have known and learn what feels new so we can integrate together and shape our … read more.

multiplying goodness

most of us have memories of our creativity, ambition, energy being curbed, criticized or ignored. from these shaping experiences we often build walls between our authenticity and public persona. how do we find our ways back to wholeness and is it even possible? we will … read more.

what we create together

if i told you, we are at the start of building somthing new together, how would you define sucess? how would you shape the values and relationships around you? what would you study so to perfect in the next now? although July 4th is a … read more.

The Creative Interchange

Rev. Kim will be preaching on a question asked by a member recently, “What happened to the Humanists”? Alternatively called, “You can’t tell your child Evolution loves you.”

May Theme: Creativity

Creativity is our ability to dream things up and make them happen.  – Peggy Taylor

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