The Sweet Spot of Volunteering

In September, I met with seven individual class teams made up of the 41 volunteers in the Religious Education program. During these meetings, I witnessed again and again how much our RE volunteers are committed to our children and to passing on Unitarian Universalism using their varied and unique gifts. I am so thankful to our volunteer teachers. They are the reason our RE program is successful.

One of the reasons our teachers make such a difference in the lives of our children is that many of them are serving in their “sweet spot” of volunteering. When you volunteer in your sweet spot, serving feels life affirming, empowering and enjoyable. You are able to do your best work.

Where is your sweet spot? It’s where the volunteer opportunity fits with your skills, personality and passion and the work is not only meaningful to you, it is part of something larger. Each person’s sweet spot is different based on his or her unique characteristics. For instance my sweet spot is working with people to help them realize their potential for doing good in the world. Can you see why I love my job as a Director of Religious Education? One thing I’ve discovered is that as long as I know that I am working toward this greater good, the task itself can be mundane and it still feels life affirming to me.

Volunteering is part of life at UUCWC. I hope that you are serving in your sweet spot too. I want your experience at UUCWC to be life affirming. If it is not, try experimenting with different volunteer tasks that may be meaningful to you until you find one that feels right. UUCWC is a great place to stretch in new ways in a supportive environment. There is a a place here to use your unique combination of skills, passions and personality to make a difference.