Thank You to Our Children’s RE Teachers

I want to thank the 32 people who volunteered in our children’s Religious Education (RE) program this year. Our children’s lives have been enriched because of the dedication and commitment of these volunteer teachers. I may be the adult face of the children’s RE program, but our teachers are its heart because they care so much about their students.

In UU RE programs, we believe the process of learning is as important as the content of the lesson because the process of learning is also the process of the creation of a personal theology. So we do not follow a transmission (tell/ remember) model of education. Rather, teachers and students explore Unitarian Universalism and their own beliefs and understandings together.

This method requires teachers to not only present content but also to share their inner selves including their own faith and UU identity with their class.

Thank you RE teachers for sharing a precious and vulnerable part of you with our children and for being companions with them on their religious journey.

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