Taking Root This Fall in Adult Religious Education

by Susan Colket, ARE Ministry Team Chair

What if this fall, traditionally the harvest time, we begin to put down roots? Our congregation is fertile ground. We’re being called to take root here; to take root now. What’s this connection between roots and our community?

Roots take in nourishment (water and minerals). Roots anchor in place. They support, provide structure and strength when winds blow and rains come. A healthy congregation has members and friends who are nourished and anchored; who are supported and strengthened. Rooted. By taking care of themselves they in turn care for others.

One of the simplest ways for newcomers and long time members to take root is to take an ARE program. ARE stands for adult religious education, but these three words don’t begin to describe the depth and richness there. ARE programs are a key part in creating the fertile soil in which we may root.

This September and October new and ongoing programs begin. Now is the time to register. Here are the four programs now open for registration, plus the links to learn more and to register. Pre-registration is required for all.

Beloved Conversations: Meditations on Race & Ethnicity – starting Sept. 22/23
Opening retreat Sept. 22/23, and eight seminars (Wednesday evenings or Sunday afternoons); Oct-Feb.

Coming into Connection – starting Oct. 8
Connecting the congregation, building relationships, strengthening UU identify; Sundays, Oct 8, Dec 3, and Jan. 7.

UU-Wellspring-Spiritual Practices – starting Sept. 12
A deep dive into exploring spiritual practice within a UU context; meets twice a month (Tues AM); Sept. – Jun.

Chalice Circles – starting Sept. 14
A practice of intentional listening and speaking, exploring the monthly theme in depth; (2nd + 4th Thurs, AM or PM); Sept. – Nov.

Soul Matters Monthly Discussion – starting this fall
More information will be available later this month.

If you have questions that aren’t answered on the website, please email are@uucwc.org.

If you’ve been waiting to register and are ready now, please use this link to register:

Registration information and forms are also on the ARE Bulletin Board outside the church office.

May you take root and be nourished here.