Strategic Vision Task Force Formed

UUCWC has entered our second centennial… now what?? We have experienced significant growth in the last couple of years, not just in numbers, but in levels of commitment, enthusiasm and love. How do we keep the momentum going? What can we do to Create Community, Celebrate Life, and Change the World? It is essential that our members participate fully in this visioning work.

A Strategic Vision task force has formed with the goal of developing a process to gather broad input about how we can best fulfill UUCWC’s vision and mission in the coming years. Task force members are Jayme Trott (chair), Reverend Kim Wildszewski, Lou Csabay, George Faulkner, Steve Fishbein, Kevyn Malloy, Pete Rafle, Steve Saddlemire, and Farzad Shadzik. Representing various aspects of church life, this team includes members who are newer as well as those with longevity at UUCWC; some participated in the last Capital Campaign and the design/building of the sanctuary, as members of the Search Committee for our new minister, or in board, finance, or other committee and ministry leadership roles. Additionally, Robin Pugh, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, will bring the voice of our families with children. Partnering with us in this work is our consultant, Andrew Hamlin, who specializes in development, and who worked with the Princeton UU Church on their recent, highly successful capital campaign.

One of the first orders of business is to collect information and seek congregational input about our vision for our future. In preparation for this, the task force will carefully review the goals from our last 5-year Strategic Plan and the UUCWC facilities plan, and prepare some initial cost estimates. They will then schedule time for multiple cottage meetings and ask YOU to join in this endeavor. What is your vision for UUCWC? Do you work with Food Ministry or HomeFront and have thoughts about how to make the kitchen more functional and attractive to possible renters? Are you involved with the Religious Education program, and wonder how we can meet the needs of growing numbers of children on Sunday Mornings? Are you among the many who fervently wish for parking that is more plentiful, safe, and … less muddy? What else would move us towards our realizing our mission? And how do we best prioritize which needs best reflect our collective vision of how UUCWC can even more vibrantly reflect our core values?

Based on this input, the Task Force will develop a case statement, to be approved by the Board and then presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting. If approved by the congregation, we will launch a Capital Campaign.

This is your chance to contribute your voice, your ideas, and your energy to assure that UUCWC will meet your needs and those of your children for years to come. Please join the effort by attending one of the many cottage meetings that will be scheduled. We NEED to hear from you!