Rising From Ashes

UUCWC will be holding one virtual service at 10am. Please check here for details.

So often, we encourage each other to embrace many of our emotions, but shy away from anger, even though there is often so much that can and should make us angry. When the world around us is full of injustice and pain, how do we acknowledge our anger, harness it, and rise from the ashes of an unjust world into beloved community?

Rev. Aisha Ansano is a UU minister who believes there is room at the table for everyone. She seeks to literally make this true by creating space for people to worship together over a meal, and she hopes to plant a dinner church in Malden, MA that sustains the community in body and in spirit. Rev. Aisha is the affiliated community minister at First Parish in Malden, and a co-founder of the UU dinner church consultancy Nourish.

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