The Doctrine of Discovery and the Separation of Church and State

On this Columbus Day weekend, what would your reaction be if the US Supreme Court were to base their decision between the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and oil companies in North Dakota on an ancient Papal document? We may not be personally responsible for what happened centuries ago to Native Americans when this, their land was invaded by European explorers, soldiers and settlers. We are, however, responsible for the society and the country we live in today. Nine years ago the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Four years ago our UU General Assembly also passed a resolution concerning The Doctrine of Discovery.
Crossings Chorale will sing at both services.

October Theme: A Community of Healing
Fred Recklau wrote, “Cure seeks to change reality; healing embraces reality”. This month we consider the work, view and practice of healing.

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