Robin’s Sabbatical

Did you know that Robin Pugh has been leading our Religious Education program for 8 years?! Yes, this marks the beginning of her ninth year at UUCWC. She is the longest serving Director of Religious Education in UUCWC history. Because of that, it is an honor that we will have a unique opportunity while Robin has a time of sabbatical January 21 – May 21, 2018. Robin has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to our community and with all age levels each and every Sunday.

Sabbatical leave is a common practice and is based on our mutual commitment with Robin and the RE program. Her job takes a lot of time and energy, and these are not infinite resources. Granting sabbatical time allows for thorough and thoughtful enrichment, analysis, study and evaluation. Sabbatical will serve to enrich Robin as well as our ongoing RE program and the life of this community.

As a parent, I am grateful that we have a Director of Religious Education who has served the congregation for an extended time and has been with us through several challenging transitions. Her extended tenure has allowed her an intimate knowledge of our children and the program, enabling her thoughtful planning and vision, and I look forward to the knowledge she will bring upon her return. My family has benefited directly from her leadership, her energy and her commitment to the learning process in each one of us.

This time of sabbatical will bring even more depth to our program and to the congregation, not only from Robin’s contribution, but also from the increased involvement it will require from the congregation. We will be asking more of you, and if you have ever considered it, please join us now, whether it is assisting in an RE classroom, being welcoming to RE families at coffee hour or helping us plan meaningful social action opportunities for children, your help is appreciated.

You will hear more specific details as the time approaches, however be assured that a task force, including myself, Sonia Hardaway, Jen Rehbein and Wendy Stassola are working to address all the aspects of Robin’s ministry. Also we are grateful that Rachel Hansen, our Religious Education Assistant will continue to support the children’s RE program.

Robin will be here as ever until January 21st so don’t say goodbye yet! And I am confident that with your help and support, when we come back together in May at the completion of the sabbatical, we will all be renewed and invigorated by the growth and identification of possibilities we each have gained,

Dan Tuft