Racial Justice Initiative Update – August 2017; Opportunities for You

The Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) hosted Dr. Ruha Benjamin on July 9, a professor at Princeton University, who spoke on The Beautiful Struggle. Her talk focused on racism as a system rather than individuals doing racist acts. She highlighted the importance of individuals having knowledge as well as courage to change the system and improve the lives of all individuals. She also highlighted that important self-reflection around racism can happen with few/no people of color in the room.

With the theme of encouraging knowledge, self-reflection and courage this church year, RJI will continue to offer monthly offerings focused on education and discussion. RJI will also be creating a small work group that will meet monthly to review a racial justice praxis designed for congregations to self-assess how they are living the value of being a racial justice rooted congregation. We will review one question each month. Here is a link to the praxis that was presented to the UUCWC board and given unanimous support:

Local activism opportunities, articles and events are frequently posted on the UUCWC Faith in Action Facebook page. If you are interested in participating in the small work group or any other activities feel free to email Nathalie Edmond and Dan Tuft, co-chairs of RJI, at racialjustice@uucwc.org