Nourishment Through Congregational Engagement

by Nathalie Edmond, Co-chair, Congregational Engagement

As we move into spring, we start to plan for the new church year that starts on July 1. Some people may be transitioning out of leadership roles, emerging from pandemic hibernation, and/or wanting to make new connections. Congregational Engagement (formerly known as Nominating) held a couple of nourishing circles (small group discussions) this winter to learn more about the things that were helping people feel connected to church. Some of the ways we described nourishment are: things that fill you up, lift your spirit, make you happy, energize you, bring you peace, give you purpose, feed your spirit. It was great to hear the ways the multiplatform church experience has allowed some people to be more connected and also hold space for what was missing when people weren’t able to go to church in person.

What is nourishing you these days? Are there ways you want to feel more connected? Do you have talents you would like to share with the congregation or be supported in developing? Congregational Engagement would like to learn a little more about everyone’s interests and talents, ways you are experiencing congregational life and ways you are feeling connected or may want to be connected. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.