Not Bored on the Board

by Denny Rodgers, Treasurer, UUCWC Board of Trustees

As a newcomer to the UUCWC Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee, I have been asked to submit my impressions to date.

Some background – I agreed to serve on the Finance Committee as Treasurer and learned that I automatically became a Board member. Furthermore, I became a member of the Board’s Executive Committee.

Magically, one anticipated monthly meeting turned into THREE. Despite some anticipation of tedium, I have found the meetings to be very stimulating.

Delving into the church finances gave me a real appreciation for the workings of the church. It’s not about the numbers as much as the considerable work it takes by so many to produce those numbers. I get to interface with those from Stewardship, Endowment, Auction, Capital Campaign, and Fundraising – the “interconnected web” of UUCWC.

The Board
My first Board meeting was fascinating. Sure, there was a mundane discussion about funding for a new budget line item. But, I experienced my first “Discernment Circle” where each of us is given an opportunity to have input into decision making. At this meeting, the discussion was about a proposed Eagle Scout project for UUCWC. I saw covenantal relationship working at its best. All pro and con viewpoints were respectfully considered and thoughtful discussion led to a consensus.

I have found these two congregational engagement opportunities to be very nourishing.